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New Year, New Content!

The wet PNW winter can often be a slow time in the production world, but this January and February are already lighting up with projects in Portland. And while most of the upcoming local productions are still hush hush (we see you Chad), many things that shot in Portland last year are starting to hit screens in 2020. Here are some locally made projects to look out for in the coming year.

No Oregon project has shown brighter than that of Missing Link, Laika’s most recent feature starring Zach Galifianakis, Hugh Jackman, and Zoe Saldana. In what was considered an upset, it recently won a Golden Globe against giant franchises like FrozenToy StoryThe Lion King, and How to Train Your Dragon. An original in a sea of sequels, the film is now nominated for an Academy Award against similar heavy hitters. Call us biased, but we are betting on another win.

Speaking of awards, Booksmart was as nominated for a Golden Globe (Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy for star Beanie Feldstein), Independent Spirit Award (Best First Feature), and Critics Choice Award (Best Comedy), among others. What hasn’t gotten as much attention, however, is the stop-motion scene in which Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) and Molly (Beanie Feldstein) accidentally ingest hallucinogens and find themselves tripping. Animated at ShadowMachine here in Portland, the most unforgettable scene in the film probably has something to do with the plethora of nominations.

Shot in Portland, the first season of Trinkets quietly dropped on Netflix last year. Based on a young adult novel that centers around three teenage girls who form an unlikely friendship after attending the same mandated Shoplifter’s Anonymous meetings, the show has only gotten positive reviews. Lucky for us, the show was renewed for a second, albeit, final season. Starring Brianna Hildebrand (DeadpoolDeadpool 2), the show finished shooting in Portland in late 2019 and will add Austin Crute (Booksmart), Nik Dodani (Atypical), and Chloë Levine (The OA) in the second season. Maybe with enough fan love in 2020, we could manifest a third season.

If we’re encouraging productions to keep projects alive and thriving in our fair city, it might be time to write strongly worded letters to the creators of Stumptown. While the pilot shot a few scenes here in early 2019, and continues to offer authentic exterior shots throughout season one, the show is filmed in Los Angeles. Called “One of the Best New Shows on TV,” let’s hope they consider bringing stars Colbie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother, The Avengers), Jake Johnson (New Girl, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), and Michael Ealy (Barbershop, 2 Fast 2 Furious) back to the real Stumptown.

Shrill is arguably the most talked-about project to come out of Portland this past year, and the trailer for Season 2 of the mega-hit dropped in early December:

What do you even say about the groundbreaking Hulu series except mark your calendars, the show premieres on January 24th!

Season two of The Wonderland Murders, the true-crime series filmed in Portland, is available on Investigation Discovery. The one-hour series that initially focused on the Portland Police Bureau and six of its most famous and challenging murder investigations is broaching more of the region’s most fascinating cases. If you want a little insight more of the dark and twisted productions of last year, check out our cagey fall recap that highlights some of the features filmed in Portland last year, namely The Rental, First Cow, and Waterman, which are slated to be released in 2020.

Outside of the film and TV world, The Lumineers released a concept album, “III,” along with videos that shot in Portland last year. The album tells a story in three acts, alongside ten music videos, and continues to resonate with new listeners. Some interesting “making of” footage recently surfaced offering interviews with the cast and crew, and showing off some Gearhead gear.

There is plenty more where that came from, with new premiere dates at every turn, and crew calls popping up around town in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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The Hudson Spider Redback at Gearhead!

Here at Gearhead, we’re taking down our Halloween décor and putting up our new Hudson Spider Redback!

Lovingly referred to as “Spidey,” this distinctive LED offers a 36” diameter with eight hinged arms that can form a parabolic shape, creating the umbrella bounce look without the soft box. The key to creating the soft lighting is the small LEDs, 3456 in total, placed close together, spread evenly along each arm. Some might call it magic, but really it’s just the Spidey’s unique wrap-around shape creating more contrast and crisp qualities than your average beauty light.

Aside from the benefits of its adaptable shape, it is quick to set up and breaks down into a 12×8 cylinder for easy transport. We are also launching stealth mode, or rather, a soft box with fiberglass supports, silver lame interior, and black ripstop exterior. Known as the Stealth, it comes with a grid for even more control.

If you need a character reference, Spidey kept it in the family on Spider-man: Far from Home.

According to cinematographer Matt Lloyd (via

I can say without exception after day 1 of shooting (Spider-man: Far from Home) we used the Redback every single day. It is the most versatile fixture I have ever seen, does anything, goes anywhere. Hard/Soft, Big/Small, Bright/Dim, Warm/Cool…literally whatever you need. We used it on the end of a Matthew max menace arm as our principal source on the actors in close ups and they absolutely loved it.

If your interest is piqued, feel free to stop by the shop and check it out in person. If not, you could always find more information on the web…

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Portland is Feeling Cagey

Portland is obviously known for being weird, and if we are being really honest, so is Nicolas Cage. Which makes for a perfect pairing, with sightings and subsequent news of the actor’s arrival in Portland earlier this week. If you haven’t yet read the synopsis of his current project, Pig, it tells the story of a truffle hunter who is forced to face his past while recovering his stolen foraging pig. You’re not alone if that plot makes you feel, well, odd. Even director Michael Sarnoski told Vice, “I’m thrilled for us all to be bringing this strange world to life.”

While the spotlight has recently fallen on this project, there have actually been a few dark and strange, star-studded projects filming around Portland this year. Here’s a little insight into the twisted worlds we’ve been helping create here at Gearhead.

It’s hard to find information on Lorelei, a feature-length film that quietly shot in Portland earlier this year. Starring Jena Malone (The Hunger Games) and Pablo Schreiber (Orange Is the New Black), Lorelei is the story of Wayland (Schreiber) reacquainting with his high school sweetheart Dolores (Malone) after being released from prison, and the love story that ensues. Produced by Kevin Chinoy of The Florida Project, it is the first feature written and directed by AFI graduate Sabrina Doyle.

Speaking of debuts, Dave Franco directed his first film, The Rental, on the Oregon coast in April. According to Deadline, the Rental is a “character-driven horror thriller about two couples who rent a vacation home for what should be a celebratory weekend get-away.” Cue the suspense and intrigue! And probably an Airbnb. Franco’s wife and frequent collaborator Alison Brie stars alongside Dan Stevens (Beauty and the BeastDownton Abbey) and Jeremy Allen White (Shameless).

Oprah Winfrey was also in Portland this year, at least in spirit. Harpo Films produced The Water Man, in which a boy, hoping to save his ill mother, runs away in search of a mythical Water Man with healing powers to cheat death. Another directorial debut, this is David Oyelowo’s first time behind the camera having starred in SelmaThe Water Man also has an impressive cast, starring Lonnie Chavis (This Is Us), Rosario Dawson, Alfred Molina, and Maria Bello.

Possibly the darkest and most terrifying project of the year, The Birch centers on the relationship between a monster tree protecting an innocent teenager, summoning the guardian in times of crisis. Based on the 2016 short film of the same name, the 15-episode series is the first of many horror-themed projects for Facebook’s new VOD platform.

Most of us don’t think of David Cross (Arrested Development), David Koechner (The OfficeAnchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy), and Cameron Esposito (Take My WifeMother’s Day) as dark and sinister, but their most recent project found them deep in the Oregon woods. Along with Debra Messing, this stacked cast took on the feature-length The Dark Divide. Based on the award-winning memoir by Robert Pyle, Cross stars as the protagonist, trekking through Washington’s Gifford Pinchot National Forest where he (spoiler alert) finds bigfoot. With that cast, the real surprise will be if the film is without humor.

As these projects start to hit the airwaves, you may feel that you missed a wealth of celebrity sightings around Portland. But never fear. As darkness descends on the city, both in weather and in Cage-rage, know that you could stumble on to a live set at any time. Hashtag, CageWatch2019.

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PDX Production: 2018 in Review

With some of our favorite local productions coming to an end (Portlandia, Librarians, and Grimm. Oh My!), you may not realize just how many new things have started filming around town. Seems you couldn’t swing a jib this year without hitting another hot set, or scroll your news feed without another call for extras. That’s because the local film industry was lit in 2018. Here’s a rundown of just some of the movies and shows that may have been filming on your block.

Here Awhile Crew. Photo by Levy Moroshan

Here Awhile, starring Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect) and Joe Lo Truglio (Wet Hot American Summer, Brooklyn 99), was a passion project for the mostly-local cast and crew. Directed by Eugene’s own Tim True, the story follows terminally ill Anna as she returns home to Oregon to reconnect with her estranged brother while deciding how to live out the rest of her life. Producers submitted the film to Sundance this fall so keep your eye on this tear-jerker: @hereawhile

Based on the children’s book series, Walt Disney Studios’ brought Timmy Failure through Oregon this summer. Starring Ophelia Lovibond (Elementary) and directed by Tom McCarthy (The Station Agent, Spotlight), the film’s release is slated to coincide with Disney’s new streaming service in late 2019.

Speaking of digital platforms and adaptations, Portland was home to Netflix’s new upcoming series, Trinkets and Shrill. Trinkets is based on a young adult novel of the same name that centers on the unlikely friendship of three girls who meet in mandated Shoplifters Anonymous meetings. Shrill is based on Lindy West’s memoir Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman. In it, Aidy Bryant (SNL) portrays Annie, a boisterous and self-described fat woman who wants to “change her life but not her body.” Already gaining some serious momentum, Elizabeth Banks and Lorne Michaels served as executive producers while John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) also starred.

A spin-off of Pretty Little Liars, The Perfectionists 10-episode season has been picked up by Freeform, formerly ABC Family. The biggest news is that Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish will be reprising their roles, Alison DiLaurentis and Mona Vanderwaal respectively. Much like PLL, the show will feature a murder mystery, and introduce a number of new actresses including Sofia Carson (Descendants) and Sydney Park (The Walking Dead). The show is rumored to answer questions from the PLL finale and arrive in 2019.

In addition to full series’, Portland and the surrounding areas saw the production of several episodes. Angie Tribeca, a satirical cop show on TBS, brought its star Rashida Jones (Parks and Recreation) through the Mt. Hood area in mid-February.  In its second season and found on go90 murder mystery In the Vault filmed between Portland and LA. The show features an ensemble cast of young up-and-comers—Audrey Whitby, Timothy Granaderos, and Claudia Lee— and has been met with rave reviews.

Fred Armisen’s newest project, mockumentary series Documentary Now!, filmed much of season 3 in Portland. The third-season premiere episode “Batsh*t Valley,” a parody of Netflix’ Wild Wild Country, filmed in Oregon and is scheduled for February 2019. The episode stars Owen Wilson (The Royal Tenenbaums, Zoolander), Michael Keaton (Batman, Birdman), and Necar Zadegan (Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce).

Indie powerhouse and lover of Oregon as a backdrop, Kelly Reichardt brought her newest production through Portland. A follow-up to the acclaimed Certain Women, First Cow tells the story of fur trappers in the 1820s. The film is based on Jonathan Raymond’s 2014 novel The Half Life. No word yet on who plays main characters Cookie and Henry, but her films are known to star the likes of Michelle Williams, Peter Sarsgaard, Jesse Eisenberg, and Kristen Stewart.

After all that, you might ask what we could possibly look forward to in the new year. After a successful Indiegogo campaign, Happy Hour History has already completed shooting their first episode and plans to film more in the new year. With local producers, cast, and crew, each episode begins with a classic cocktail, tracing them back to a historical event that changed our modern world forever.

With growing momentum each new year, there’s no doubt that the local film-industry will continue to see exciting new projects in 2019. Stay tuned!

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The EXO Car is now available in the PNW!

The EXO Camera Car is a custom mobile electric camera platform made by Telescopic Camera Cranes Inc. From pacing runners to chasing dogs, this is the quietest and smoothest motion for your picture!

The air ride suspension allows for super quiet, power-enabled movements. And, because it’s electric, it is exhaust-free. It maximizes the power-to-weight ratio, minimizing the weight of the gear, and includes a generous selection of accessories. With its complete cheese plate exterior, the mounting options are endless!

For more details on the EXO Camera Car, check out Telescopic Camera Cranes.

Call Gearhead for more information, pricing, and availability. 503-542-3990.

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Production Office Rental – Now Available!

Production Office: Panorama

New for 2016: Our production office is now available for rental!

Whether you are doing a one day commercial shoot or a long format production,  there is enough room here for your whole team. The 388 square foot room has a counter along two walls with room for six or more to work comfortably and there is a four seat conference table. The space is heated and air conditioned. Networking, internet and printing are available as well as kitchen and lunchroom. 

Call for rates and availability.

Production Office Rental

Conference Table


Production Office Rental

Counter Space with Comfy Task Chairs

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Happy New Year!


 Thanks to all for such a fabulous 2015! We are looking forward to an even grander 2016!

Please note: Gearhead Production Rentals will be closed this week. We will re-open on Monday the 4th for business as usual. If you need anything at all during this time please call 503-542-3990 and select option 8 to be connected to our online staff.

See you next year!

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We are now a LiteGear Dealer!

Gearhead Production Rentals is proud to announce that we now carry LiteGear products. We are especially excited to offer a wide range of their VHO Pro LED Literibbon. With a CRI of 95 Literibbon is available in daylight, tungten or bi-color hybrid versions. It also comes in a variety of lengths, widths and densities making it possibly the most flexible lighting product you’ve ever used, literally! We have a wide variety of Literibbon in stock. Come by and check it out!


 “The new VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon is the simplest color correct lighting product available. Years in the making, just 3 simple components make this minimal light source created exclusively for cinema and tv production. At its core, the new VHO Pro LED emitters are a design breakthrough. We have created a beautiful, full spectrum, white light that renders skin-tones and colors to their natural state. VHO Pro emitters are fully color-correct and blend freely with legacy tungsten and fluorescent units as well as modern high-end LED fixtures from Arri, Mole Richardson and others. VHO Pro emitters are the first LEDs to bring high CRI, full spectrum color-correct white light to what we call low-output LED products. Typically reserved for high wattage and high cost LED fixtures, the new VHO Pro line brings color-correct white light into the affordable range.”


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Parallel 7k Generators!

Now available from Gearhead: the Paralleling Control Box for Honda 7k generators. This innovative technology* enables you to run two unmodified Honda EU700is or EU6500is generators in parallel and power loads larger than ever possible before from a small generator setup (up to 120 amps)! Combine this with one of our 60 amp transformers the the flexibility is unprecedented. Give us a call and we’ll tell you all about it.

Here is a picture of this setup running an Arri M90 and a 4k par at the same time (with power to spare)!


*(Thanks to Guy Holt and Screen Light and Grip.)

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The Cineped Camera Slider is Here!

Now available for rental: the Cineped rotational camera slider.

The Cineped is a 32″ Mitchell to Mitchell camera slider that boasts some amazing innovations. In addition to super smooth side to side movement, the Cineped’s unique rotary bearing mount allows for rotational movement as well, creating a myriad of new possibilities for camera movement. The Cineped includes 100mm and 150mm ball head adapters and it supports up to 95 lbs, making it compatible with any camera system.

The Cineped is available by itself for mounting on a Fisher dolly or other camera support system, or with the Quattro 4-leg quad-pod. This unique support system provides unparalleled support for the CinePed, virtually eliminating the side to side shifting usually experienced when using a slider. With the Quattro the Cineped becomes a super stable, super flexible stand-alone camera support / movement system.


Cineped in Travel Cases

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