Now available for rental: the Cineped rotational camera slider.

The Cineped is a 32″ Mitchell to Mitchell camera slider that boasts some amazing innovations. In addition to super smooth side to side movement, the Cineped’s unique rotary bearing mount allows for rotational movement as well, creating a myriad of new possibilities for camera movement. The Cineped includes 100mm and 150mm ball head adapters and it supports up to 95 lbs, making it compatible with any camera system.

The Cineped is available by itself for mounting on a Fisher dolly or other camera support system, or with the Quattro 4-leg quad-pod. This unique support system provides unparalleled support for the CinePed, virtually eliminating the side to side shifting usually experienced when using a slider. With the Quattro the Cineped becomes a super stable, super flexible stand-alone camera support / movement system.


Cineped in Travel Cases