Here’s a list of the kind of stuff we try to keep in stock.
Give us a call if there’s something you need. If we don’t have it we’ll get it.

(Online store coming soon.)

BNC Connectors   Apple Boxes   Chroma Key Green Cloth
China Markers   Bailing Wire   Chroma Key Green Spray Paint
Dry Erase Markers   Bead Board   Diffusion in a Can
Dust Off Canned air products   Blackwrap (Cinefoil)   Digi Green Spray Paint
EyePiece Chamois   Camera Wedges   Digital Green Cloth
KimWipes   Cardellini Clamps & Accs.   Fog Fluid
Lens Tissue   Chalk   Hazer Fluid
Pancro Lens Cleaning Fluid   Clothes Pins (C-47)    
Slates   Duvetyne   ALL DEPARTMENTS
Space Blankets   Foamcore   Batteries
Techspray Alcohol Swabs   Grip Clips   Books
    Grip Hardware   Cine Bags
ELECTRIC DEPARTMENT   Mason Line [Trick Line]   Glove Clips
Add-a-Taps   Push Pins   Setwear Gloves
Quick-Ons   Sand Bags   Sharpies
Bag-Its   Sash Cord   Tool Pouches
Bates Connectors   Seamless Paper   Tools Belts
Camlok Connectors   Showcard    
China Balls   Spray 77   TAPES
Cube Taps   Tracing Paper   ‘Caution” Tape
Edison Connectors   Visqueen   ATG Tape
Gelly Rolls       Camera Tape
Gels & Diffusion Rolls   ART DEPARTMENT   Chroma Key Green Tape
Gels & Diffusion Sheets   Dulling Spray   Digital Blue Tape
Globes   Joe’s Sticky Stuff Clear Butyl   Digital Green Tape
Kinoflo CFL Bulbs   Streaks & Tips   Do Not X-Ray Tape
Kinoflo Parts   Super Stuff Perforated Clear Butyl   Duvetyne Tape
Kinoflo Tubes       Electrical Tape
Photo Floods   PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT   Friction Tape
Practical Bulbs   Carpet Mask   Gaffers Tape
Screen Glass (Celo Cuke)   Cleaning Supplies   Hot Set Tape
Zip Cord   Corrugated Cardboard   J-Lar
  Director Chairs   Painters (Blue) Tape
    Layout Board   Paper Tape
    Paper Goods   Photo Black Tape
        Spike Tape
        Tunnel Tape