Canopies (Pop-Ups)
10′ x 10′ Commercial Grade Canopy
Sides – Zippered (4)
10′ x 15′ Commercial Grade Canopy
Sides – Zippered (4)
Canopy Weights (Each)
Pop-Up Sandbags
Backstage Camera Cart
Beach Cart – Folding
Furniture Dolly
Hand Truck
Magliner Gemini Jr
Magliner Gemini Jr W/ Shelving
Magliner Gemini Sr
Magliner Gemini Sr W/ Shelving
Inovativ Camera Cart – Scout 37 NXT (W/ Accs)
Metalmaid – Steel w/ pneumatic wheels
Rubbermaid Standard
Rubbermaid w/ Pneumatic Wheels
Climate Control
AC Unit – Arctic King 10,000 BTU
AC Unit –  MovinCool Classic 10
AC Unit –  MovinCool Classic Plus 26
Fan – 48” Shop
Fan – Box Fan 20”
Heater Electric Space Heater
Heater Electric 6 KW 220 Volt
Heater Propane – 35k BTU Forced Air
Heater Propane – 35k BTU on Handtruck
Heater Propane – 30K BTU 360 Degree
Heater Propane – Single Burner
Heater Propane – Double Burner
Propane Tanks (Plus refill)
Craft & Catering
Coolers (Ice Chest) 30 Qt 
Coolers (Ice Chest) 48 Qt 
Coolers (Ice Chest) 68 Qt
Coolers (Ice Chest) 100 Qt 
Coolers (Ice Chest) 150 Qt
Water Coolers 5 Gallon
Air Pot – 3 liter
Coffee Maker – Drip
Communications & Electronics
Boombox Sony w/ Ipod Dock
Bull Horn
Mobile WI-FI – Enterprise Grade 4G (AER2100)
    (Data charges Apply)
MiFi Jetpack 8800L
    (Data charges Apply)
PA System (Gigrac 1000  w/ 15” Mains)
Powered PA Speaker / Monitor (12″ – 600 watt)
Radios –  CP200 16 Channel UHF Radio
Radios –  CP200 12 pack w/ headsets and accs.
Hand Tools and Janitorial
Bolt Cutters
Broom Household
Broom Push
DustPan and Whisk
Hose – Garden 50′
Leaf Blower – Gas
Mop & Bucket
Pick Ax
Pressure Washer (Gas Powered)
Rake Hard
Rake Leaf
Shovel Round
Shovel Square
Squeegee w/handle
Straps Motorcycle
Straps Ratchet
Vacuum – Household
Vacuum – Shop Vac
Weedeater (Gas Powered)
Lighting and Electrical
Extension Cords  25′
Extension Cords  50′
Extension Cords 100′
Generator Base Camp 500 Amp Burrel
Generator Honda EU2000i 2k 
Generator Honda EU3000iS 3k 
Generator Honda EM7000iS
Generator Honda EU6500iS 
Generator Honda EU7000iS 
Worklight – Airstar Scirrocco 6x100W Led
Worklight – Clip Light
Worklight – Halogen w/ Stand
Worklight – LED w/ Stand – AC/DC
Butt Can – Cease Fire Outdoor Ashtray
Carpet Runners (Mats) 3′ x 4′
Carpet Runners (Mats) 3′ x 9′
Carpet Runners (Mats) 4′ x 5′
Furniture Pads (Sound Blankets)
Plywood 4 x 8 CDX – Rental
Recycling Bin
Recycling Station (3 place)
Tarp 12′ x 12′
Tarp 16′ x 20′
Trash cans
Make-Up & Wardrobe
Changing Tent
Hanger (Salesman) – Pants
Hanger (Salesman) – Shirt
Make-Up Station (Portable) 26” x 30” w/ Lighting
Wardrobe Mirror
Steamer (Jiffy)
Umbrella – Golf
Wardrobe Rack – Double
Wardrobe Rack – Single
Special Effects
Fan – Mole Fan
Fan – Real EFX 
Fogger Martin Magnum 1200
Fogger Martin Magnum 2000
Hazemaker – DF50
Turntable Large Manual
Turntable Small Motorized
Tables & Chairs
Chair Director Short
Chair Director Tall
Chair Folding Plastic
Tables 4′ Plastic
Tables 6′ Plastic
Tables Linens (White)
Traffic & Safety
Fire Ext. ($30 Recharge if used)
First-Aid Kit (Re-Stock fees apply)
Stop / Go Signs
Traffic Cones 18″
Vest – Safety