Here at Gearhead, we’re taking down our Halloween décor and putting up our new Hudson Spider Redback!

Lovingly referred to as “Spidey,” this distinctive LED offers a 36” diameter with eight hinged arms that can form a parabolic shape, creating the umbrella bounce look without the soft box. The key to creating the soft lighting is the small LEDs, 3456 in total, placed close together, spread evenly along each arm. Some might call it magic, but really it’s just the Spidey’s unique wrap-around shape creating more contrast and crisp qualities than your average beauty light.

Aside from the benefits of its adaptable shape, it is quick to set up and breaks down into a 12×8 cylinder for easy transport. We are also launching stealth mode, or rather, a soft box with fiberglass supports, silver lame interior, and black ripstop exterior. Known as the Stealth, it comes with a grid for even more control.

If you need a character reference, Spidey kept it in the family on Spider-man: Far from Home.

According to cinematographer Matt Lloyd (via

I can say without exception after day 1 of shooting (Spider-man: Far from Home) we used the Redback every single day. It is the most versatile fixture I have ever seen, does anything, goes anywhere. Hard/Soft, Big/Small, Bright/Dim, Warm/Cool…literally whatever you need. We used it on the end of a Matthew max menace arm as our principal source on the actors in close ups and they absolutely loved it.

If your interest is piqued, feel free to stop by the shop and check it out in person. If not, you could always find more information on the web…