Our 1-Ton grip van is perfect for those smaller run and gun shoots. It is economical and great for getting in and out of tight locations.READ MORE
Our 2-Ton Grip Van is great for those corporate or interview shoots when you just need a little more stuff. It has a lift-gate that folds in half allowing for easy access to the rear when stowed. This unit also has towing capability.READ MORE
Our 3-ton is just the right size for larger corporate shoots, small commercials or even indy features. It features a 16′ box, a large liftgate and towing capability.READ MORE
Sometimes referred to as the mini 5-ton, our 4-ton grip truck has everything you need for commercials, infomercials or even small features! 20′ x 20′ goods are pre-loaded and charged APU. It has a large lifgate and towing capability.READ MORE
The 5-Ton Grip truck is sized for larger commercials or small features. It has a large liftgate and towing capability.READ MORE
The 10-Ton Grip Truck is for those larger shoots when you need to bring a great deal of kit! Great for features, commercials or episodic production. This truck is also available as a bare electric or rigging truck.READ MORE
The production cube features a 16′ box and a lift gate and comes pre-loaded with everything you need to support your crew on location. From road cones to recycling bins. Add pop-up tents, heaters or air conditioners and be ready for any season!READ MORE
Like the production cube, the Production Sprinter has all the support you need, just in a smaller footprint. The van has a litgate for easy loading.READ MORE
Our F550 stakebed is perfect for hauling all of your supplementary gear, towing a generator or putting together the perfect strike package. It has a large cantilever liftgate and towing capabilityREAD MORE