This month we are featuring the Matthews/Floatcam DC slider and HD DC Slider as our Gear of the Month! Both are available at 50% off their regular rental rate for the month of April! Try ’em out. They are amazing!


The DC Slider

DC Slider
By combining an unusually long variable-angled camera slider track with mini-jib functionality, the DC-Slider is truly remarkable displaying both state-of-the-art technology and precision engineering.

Additionally, the DC-Slider quickly transforms into a vertical 6-foot tower. In this configuration the DC-Slider’s counterbalancing feature ensures precision camera moves are smooth and steady.

Slider Set up:   Mini-Jib Set up:
Rail Length     73″ / 185cm   Maximum Height     114″ / 290cm (w/Tripod at 63″ / 160cm)
Tracking Length     63″ / 160cm   Working Diameter     at Horizontal, 63″ / 160cm
Vertical Height     79″ / 200cm    
Maximum Load     22lbs / 10kg   Cases (2 per system)
Weight     28lbs / 12kg   Large Case     76″x10″x12″ / 193x25x39cm…17lbs / 8kg
Counterweights     26lbs / 12kg   Small Case     36″x8″x14″ / 93x20x35cm……..9lbs / 4kg

The HD DC Slider


The FloatCam HD DC Slider features all of the operating characteristics of the original DC Slider but this “Big Brother” will accommodate camera packages up to 70 pounds (30Kg.) which includes all of the new, state of the art, digital cameras and accessories.

The FloatCam HD DC Slider operates through a wide range of variable angles as well as horizontally and the precision counter balance assures smooth operation from start to stop of the camera moves. The HD DC Slider also operates as a mini jib and vertical tower as well as ground level or table top camera support.

HD DC Slider Specifications:
Rail length: 73” (185cm)
Tracking length: 63” (160cm)
Maximum Load: 70 Lbs. (30Kg)
System Weight: 90 Lbs. (41Kg)
Mini Jib working diameter: 63” (160cm)
Flight cases included.